September Goals!

School has started and summer is now a thing of the past. *plays Summertime Sadness* It’s time to wind down with the workouts but still a bit of workouts can still happen. These exercises are very basic. Easy to do and just really quick. Enjoy!

August Goals!

To be honest I haven’t been exercising at all but I will still continue to post these workouts. This month’s workout is Victoria Secret : The Full Body Workout. There’s 7 parts to it. You work your outer thighs, booty, calves, inner thighs, waist/obliques, stomach/abs and your arms. Happy Workout!

July Goals!!

Ok so to be quite honest I haven’t been sticking to working out at all. It sucks though but I will continue posting them here and I’m trying to change this up a little. The exercise of the month is the Calf Raise Challenge to get those calves all toned and looking nice. Hopefully some … More July Goals!!

June Goals !!

All those exercises(which i still have not completed) has come to this. I struggle with having a schedule and getting everything done.The Beach Body Workout Challenge. seated russian twists                                 squats superman                 … More June Goals !!