A Quick Stirfry

Ingredients Rice Uncooked rice Onion Garlic Salt Water Oil Seasonings of your choice (thyme…etc) Stirfry Onion Garlic Purple Cabbage Seasoning Tomato Carrots Garlic Salt Pepper Paprika Butter Oil Parsley Flakes Soy Sauce How much of the ingredients you use is up to you. I don’t measure anything so good luck. Steps Rice Fill your saucepan … More A Quick Stirfry

Potato Salad

I loooovvveeeee me some potato salad. I was obsessing over it a few weeks ago trying to remember where I got it from and while going through my Instagram pics, I found it. The potato salad from the place I got it from, is peppery but still sweet. Here goes. Materials Knife Peeler Grater Cutting … More Potato Salad

Beet Salad

When my mother does beets, she likes to eat them plain. I don’t. I prefer how she did them before. Materials Knife Cutting board Spoon Bowl Ingredients Beets Vinegar Brown Sugar Steps Boil the beets until soft Take off the peel Dice the beets Put the diced beets in a bowl and add a little … More Beet Salad

Vegetable Ramen

Ramen. The easy to cook,yummy food that is bad for you (so I hear). Yea yea I know ramen of all things. To be honest I only really cook it if I feel sick or I’m craving it. I like to ‘spice’ it up as my aunt says so here goes. I really like the … More Vegetable Ramen