March Highlights

March was fun! Short Fashion Show – Arriving at 3pm to get the makeup started was a rush in the end. I went to Model for a swimsuit designer. I wore a black high waisted panty and black lace and gold triangle top. It was fun with our models. 👌🏾 Agency Launch Party – I … More March Highlights

Blogmas Day 3

My aunt wanted me to clean my room. It’s always in a state. It’s not dirty like having cups and plates and food but it’s just messy with clothes and books. My little cousin came talking to me and helped cleaned up a bit. Her: Why in here dirty? Me: I don’t like to put … More Blogmas Day 3

Blogmas Day 2

Unforunately, this day was back to reality. It was back to school for public schools after we were given the day off.  At about 3am or 4am my mother woke me up to say my aunt has arrived .  I didn’t do much that day with Nursery class. I took down some of their art … More Blogmas Day 2

Blogmas Day 1

In true fashion I’ll start from midnight. I was at The Mega Concert with my friends and family. It was taking for forever. We had artistes from The Sandpebbles to Leadpipe and Saddis perform. Some acts took too long on stage. Unfortunately Rihanna didn’t perform but 3 other singers performed her songs. My family was … More Blogmas Day 1

Blogmas 2016

Ok I’ll say it….. I absolutely forgot about blogmas. I’ve been so busy with holidays and family returning for a few weeks that I forgot. Don’t worry blogmas is coming and it’s not like I did last year with crafts and food. This year will be what I did on the day like bloggers  do … More Blogmas 2016