Blogmas Day 22

‘Twas a looonnngggg day. I went to sleep late and woke up early. I already had my bags packed and at the door. I sat at the laptop for about 2 hours deciding on what iPad mini cases I wanted to buy. This is why you never put money in my hands. It is spent … More Blogmas Day 22

Blogmas Day 21

A day of doing nothing. I stayed at home today. I woke up after 5am surprisingly and without an alarm. I stayed on my phone for a while then decided to play some music and fold my clothes. When it got brighter, I walked around, cleaned a bit more and ran male cats from in … More Blogmas Day 21

Blogmas Day 20

We didnt get home until late because they wouldn’t stop talking. When I got home it was hard for me to go back to sleep but it eventually happened. then, I was rudely awakened by my alarms. I put on the kettle and wasnt feeling too well but i didnt let it stop me. I … More Blogmas Day 20

Blogmas Day 19

When I woke up, I started cleaning a bit just because I was awaiting news on the plan for the day. That plan fell through and I was stuck at home. I did some more cleaning, lazed around, watched youtube videos and bothered my sister. I even watched Rupaul’s Drag Race with her. Some of … More Blogmas Day 19

Blogmas Day 18

I woke up after 9am and had to have a quick shower to leave home with my mother. We were going to say bye to my cousin as he was leaving today. We went to my aunts house first and stayed until he was leaving to head to the airport. We then went to my … More Blogmas Day 18

Blogmas Day 17

When I woke up it was like I wanted to clean but at the same time not so much. So I went ahead and dusted and rearranged my drawers. I had to face death by fleas when I went to hang out clothes. It was super annoying being bitten everytime I moved. With the second … More Blogmas Day 17

Blogmas Day 16

For some stupid reason, on the first day of vcation, I was up around 5:30am. Just my luck. I stayed in bed on my phone and when it started to get brighter. I decided to start cleaning but quickly ended up just walking around putting mayo in my hair. I saw it as a hair … More Blogmas Day 16