Joining An Agency

I joined a brand new agency in January. I hadn’t done much modelling in my life.

Let’s see what I did.

I was with an agency back in 2010 I believe and only did one show. It would’ve been 2 but I never made it on stage. That hair show was such a waste in my opinion. So many lies were told and people got screwed over.

Moving on. In 2011 I did a photoshoot for my cousin on a cliff. I didn’t get the originals, well only 3 of the originals ,until last year. 

I did a show in August 2016 and wasn’t paid. 

I auditioned for a show/agency ( It was all for the same person and you could choose either one or both)  and she liked me. However when it came time to start practicing for the show, she basically embarrassed me in front of people, not once but twice, telling me I’m too skinny and I need to gain weight by February to be in the show. I never went back. 

*Ive been 105lbs for about 3 or 4 years. I’m not just going to put on 10 lbs in 3  months.

I came across a poster in January 2017 for auditions for a new agency. I went with a friend and got through. My cousin was also there so it was nice to see a familiar face. Every week we would meet on sundays for practice. There’s drama sometimes but nothing too serious. We’ve bonded like a family. So far with them I’ve done 3 shows and 1 photoshoot(for a special occasion but I had no one so I took pics alone). I hope and pray we continue to grow as an agency.


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