Operation Overdo For 22

You know just once you want to overdo for a Birthday.

I want to overdo for my 22nd birthday. It’s not for another 5 months but I like to plan early.

I’m really feeling BLACK & GOLD. Everything in black and gold.

I modeled for a swimsuit designer twice. I like her swimsuits and accessories.

I really want a black swimsuit with QUEEN in gold glitter or a black swimsuit with GOLD paint splatters if possible.

To go with that would be a long,black,sheer cover up.

I also want a sash. I never had one. I didn’t even have a Happy Birthday pin. Anyways, this would hopefully be a black sash saying Birthday Queen in gold glitter.

Now that clothing is out of the way. It’s onto the main overdo.

A birthday photoshoot! A guy I went to community college with does photography and I’d like him to take my pics. 

Unfortunately I bite my nails so I definitely have to get a manicure done. 

Im putting R in charge of makeup of course. She’s pretty damn good.

Those few things would run me about $315BDS. I don’t know the price of helium balloons but if I could get them I’d want 22 in gold.

This is a true over do for me. 

What do you think? Is it too much?

Drop a comment letting me know!


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