March Highlights

March was fun!

  1. Short Fashion Show – Arriving at 3pm to get the makeup started was a rush in the end. I went to Model for a swimsuit designer. I wore a black high waisted panty and black lace and gold triangle top. It was fun with our models. 👌🏾
  2. Agency Launch Party – I swear we have become a family. The models are so supportive of each other. It started hella late. we had fun but shall learn from our mistakes. I’ll do a longer post on this.
  3. Model Squad Hangout – One of the models rented the penthouse suite at a hotel and invited models over. At one point in time it was just 3 of us so we went to Chefette to buy pizza. More people eventually came and we headed to the beach . The water was fairly low so you can actually walk to the reef. ​
  4. Baby Sports – The daycare had baby sports for the 1-2 year olds and it was so cute.
  5. School Tour – The infant department went on tour to the market and some shops.Stay tuned for a full post on this.

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