February Highlights

This month was quite jam packed for me. Opportunities came up and I had family things to do. 
1. Primary school speech contest – 2 schools competed in a speech contest and 4 boys from a secondary school competed in a table topics contest. Of course my primary school won again !

2. Working at The Daycare – I was a last minute choice to work at the daycare where I had my job attachment. I got to work there for 3 weeks but unfortunately I spoiled maybe 1…..2 children.

3. Baby shower #1 – One of my cousins due next month is having her 3rd and hopefully final child. Another baby boy. I always look forward to games at baby showers. 😒 I would’ve won 2 games but they extended the time in the unscramble the words game. I won the don’t say the secret word game.

4. Baby shower #2 – My next cousin is having her first child and it’s a boy. 😒 They started later than island time and I should’ve stayed at practice till the end. They did some really cute stuff and lots of games. I won the don’t say the secret word game again 💁🏾.

5. Birthday Celebrations – It was R’s brothers birthday and we went to Naru which is a Sushi Reastaurant. I got Avocado Maki Rolls and Vegetable Rice Noodles with a Basil Curry Sauce and Roasted Coconut. The struggle most of us had at the table with the chopsticks 😪. For me the seaweed in the rolls was a struggle so I only ate 1/8. The rice noodles was the bomb.We headed to The Gap afterwards.

6. Agrofest – This was struggle for me to kinda hustle people to the tent I worked at however something happened.

7. Christian Fashion Show – Island time is beginning to get hella ridiculous. We got there on time, tested the stage and had a ridiculous amount of time to get ready. All to go on stage for a few seconds. I’ll get more into this later. 😒😪


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