January Highlights

I stated that I wouldn’t be typing out anymore fun/amazing days that happened during the year, however, I’ll just list some highlights: 
1. New Years Day – Fireworks at the beach with my family and Best-friend R.

2. My Cousin’s Birthday Party – The 2 Dj’s were boring, I slept and people left. Another DJ came and had the party hype for those who stayed.My family have no behavior 🙈

3. Family BBQ/Lime – We went on a hike and saw a little beach area.

4. Gap For R’s Bday – The dinner part didn’t go as planned and we ended up just getting Gap Burgers and having a good time in the club.

5. Primary School Sports – I started the races, we finished early and it was a brilliant day.Unfortunately, green house came 2nd. 

6. Beach With My Bestie – I needed a break and asked my bestie to go to the beach with me. I wanted to relax but just talked a lot of ignorance for a few hrs.

Just a few fun days this month.

What highlights did you have?


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