2017 Accomplishment Wishlist

This list might not be much different  from last year. Here goes.

  1. GLO TF UP – This means I need to workout. Cut out any junk food and sweet stuff for my body and hopefully acne. Drink more water. Exercise to get that almost slim thick with my cute self look. Fix my hair which means always have it in a protective style. If i could invest in a good wig I would.Learn to do my makeup.
  2. Find a 2nd job
  3. Blog more
  4. Figure out what to do with my life
  5. Get a tattoo or 2 and a piercing
  6. BE HAPPY – Don’t be so bitter girl……or extremely petty.


See not so much different from last year. I want to make 2017 my bitch basically.

Lol but seriously, a glo up is needed.




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