Protective Hairstyles 2016 Review

SO you guys, I had my big chop around the end of May but before that, I entered the New Year with a protective style from Christmas time. This is just  a run down of products I used, styles,how long I kept it in,etc. etc.

Style #1 – Long Crochet Braids

This is all explained in a previous post so just click above for the link. I kept it in for about 3-4 weeks.

Style #2 – ‘Rose Gold’ Crochet Braids

Ok. To be quite honest I forgot about this until I say the hair packet just a few days ago.  I used Realistic Soft Jumbo Bijoux in the colours 1B, LBG and M1B350. The LBG is a brownish colour and M1B350 is the red and black mix. Those 2 colours went in the back and covered by the 1B. I most likely kept it in for about 3 -4 weeks. 

Style #3 – Kankelon Twists

After my sister chopped my hair, never again is she allowed to use a scissors in my hair, I was scared to return to classes with short hair. Thankfully she had some hair at home. I believe its a brand by Bijoux. She cut the hair groupings in 3rds and braided it a little on my hair before twisting it. It took a few days with her unbraiding some and finding more of the hair because that batch of hair wasn’t great. Some of the hair was straighter and more poofy instead of kinky. I kept the hair in for a month. Mainly wearing it in a bun.

Style #4 – Weave

My sister always wanted to try sewing in weave. I gave her that opportunity. It was the family wedding and I was a bridesmaid. I wanted long hair and it happened. We used her weave that was washed and some new bundles as well. There was no leave out. I kept it in for about 2-3 weeks.

Style #5 – Crochet Lob

Kadooment was coming up and I needed a hairstyle that was kind of flat at the top so my headpiece would stay on. I used about 4 packs of the Realistic Soft Jumbo Bijoux in 1B. It was cut in half first and then chopped to achieve a lob look.My sister took about 4-5 hours. I will never let her cut hair for me. It was uneven and shorter than I wanted it.i kept it in for about 3 weeks.

Style #6 – Box Braid Lob

I went to my cousin for this hairstyale. I was saying well my other cousin uses 3 packs of hair for long box braids so this should be less. I bought 2 packs, then a 3rd pack and had to go back for a 4th pack once it was almost done. I used Super X Braid in the colours 1B and BLUE. It took about 11 hours with breaks inbetween and returning another day. Only 3 braids slid off and I had to put them on myself. It really was too much hair. My neck started hurting. I also put on some gold braid clips. My hair grew about 1/2 inch and I kept the hair in for 4weeks.

Style #7 – Marley Twists

This is the last style of 2016. I used 4 packs of Noir Afro Kinky Hair  from the Janet Collectionin the colour 1 and 1 pack of Reggae Braid from the African Collection by Senstional in the colour 1B. It’s took about 9 hours but could’ve been done in 5 in my opinion. The hair was cut in half and braided onto my hair first because she couldn’t get it twisted into my hair. 

7 styles in 2016.

That’s a wrap.

Did you have plenty protective styles this year?


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