Blogmas Day 22

‘Twas a looonnngggg day.

I went to sleep late and woke up early. I already had my bags packed and at the door. I sat at the laptop for about 2 hours deciding on what iPad mini cases I wanted to buy. This is why you never put money in my hands. It is spent like water. 

In the cart were 2 iPad mini cases, makeup brushes and mini beauty blenders. Now whyyyy were makeup brushes in there. I said to myself take out the makeup stuff and get those later. I went to check out with the  cases only. It gave me the prices in my local currency. It was about $78 for the cases and $41 for shipping. I said hell nah, free shipping is needed fam, so then I threw a book in the cart for the free shipping. I didn’t want to spend $49USD though. Next I went to the apple store online and ordered the iPad mini. It was $269 and with free shipping it would get there after my cousins dad leaves NY. Couldn’t have that. At checkout now, it was $24USD in taxes and an extra $10 for faster shipping. I feel like I would’ve died a little. The entire first half of my paycheck gone. 😔

Anyways, I went and get ready to get my hair done. I was supposed to be there by 9:30am the latest.totalky didn’t hsppen. My family runs on island time. My mother decided to make a stop before taking me to my aunts house. On the way to the stop, my cousin called asking where we were. I told her what was up and she rudely said ‘I tell you 9:30 not 10!’ When I was replying I heard boop boop.  

I knew my mother was gonna go for her 🍑. Putting down the phone in my ear. She obviously didn’t want the service. She’s lucky that I need my hair done for christmas. After stopping for gas, we went straight there and my mother did the unexpected. She apologized. My mother apologizing is a very rare moment. Like seeing mew appear in Pokemon rare. Anyways she got started on my hair. Talked a but, read a book, did canvas work and eventually stopped for lunch. My aunt made siup. It disgusted me with the smell and texture. So I only ate the dumplings.

We started back with my hair and didn’t finish until after 4pm. Curlers were put on my ends on the hair and she then went and did another woman’s hair in corkscrews. I had to watch her son for a bit. Coming back to me, the hair was dipped in hot water and then styled.we finally left after 7pm and went home but of course my mother had to make a stop. 😒

When we got home, I made my last ramen if the year 😔. Well more like for forever. It’s my go to I’m feel I’ll or outside is cold soup. Oops 🙈, I failed to mention it rained most of the day and the island was under flood watch.

I tried to stay awake watching but obviously failed.

Highlight of the day was getting my hair done for christmas.

P.S – Christmas is in 3 daysssss!!!!!!!!


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