Blogmas Day 20

We didnt get home until late because they wouldn’t stop talking. When I got home it was hard for me to go back to sleep but it eventually happened. then, I was rudely awakened by my alarms. I put on the kettle and wasnt feeling too well but i didnt let it stop me. I finished packing my bag, got ready and left home after 6:15am, forgetting the tea because the sugar container was empty. That is late for me. When I got to the top of the road by the bus stop, I saw someone I didn’t see in a while. We chatted and the minibus came. He finally had up Christmas decor. Tinsel and furball keyrings. XD I got in before my friend and he said,”Wait, she like she coming to catch the van too.” Why Jojo whyyyyyy?!?!? Luckily she backed away and off I went.

Anyways, I got out at my usual stop and  when I got to a certain point of the road, I couldn’t pass. The rain barely fell for less than 10mins and there was alot of water on the road. I had to walk around 2 avenues before heading to the nursery. The babies were coming in slowly and then all at once. Soon enough the cribs were full. The auntie I really like came back from vacation and it was nice to have her to talk to again.I had to wash a onesie before leaving and said goodbye to all my sweetiepies.

I went to the ministry first because I wasn’t seeing the cheque they wouldve sent to the bank. After the lady told me what was up, I went to the ATM to get money for makeup and to get my hair done. I was hustling to the Van Stand to get a minibus to go to the airport but ended up getting a ZR. On the way to the airport, the ZR got held up in traffic because of an accident and the police wouldnt let us pass for a while. I eventually got to the airport around 12:30 and my family were now leaving the houses. In about 20mins, 2 of the cars came and the line was short so they got through pretty quickly. we went over to the seating are and I was sent to Chefette 3 times. My aunts offered to buy me food but I didnt want fried chicken and chips. They gave me money instead… $63. My cousin finally arrived and I had to go look to see if he was there. He was running late. By the time he joined the others they were packing up to go to through. He had to wait a while to get his food from Chefette and then he went along. After they went in, we paid for parking and left.

My mother drove to a supermarket and I miraculously changed from  my long jeans pants into jeans shorts.I tested out one of my buys before going in the supermarket. It’s newly built and looks better than its other branches, much more spacious. It took a while with the lines and people. My mother left me in the line and kept walking away. When I got closer and closer to the top of the line, I started getting pissed because she always does that. Tryna give me anxiety. Not TODAY!.

After the supermarket, we went to the mall to get a few things. We parked on the outside and went in on a mission. Getting food for me was the last thing and while in line, a teacher from the primary school stopped by us and chatted. We made a few more boring stops before going home. Atleast I got to know that I finally got my first cheque! Yay.

I cleaned a bit and struggled to watch tv during the night so I went in my bed.

Highlight of the day was buying my makeup products to try out.


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