Blogmas Day 19

When I woke up, I started cleaning a bit just because I was awaiting news on the plan for the day. That plan fell through and I was stuck at home. I did some more cleaning, lazed around, watched youtube videos and bothered my sister. I even watched Rupaul’s Drag Race with her. Some of the men in drag are so gorgeous.

After I showered, I made her get off of her lazy ass and leave home. We took a walk to the bus stop and Jojo and some random male dog came with us. They were playing allllllll over the road. When we went back inside, we continued watching the show. My mother and aunt came home and my aunt was trying to sew a zip to my mother’s dress and got frustrated. We eventually left but had to wait by the bus stop for someone to bring a package. We dropped my aunt to her house and went on to the other aunt’s house. I chatted with my cousin and her friend for a bit and the next thing I know I was out. I was woken up around 11:15pm but they talked and talked and talked. I was freeing my ass off and my cousin was enjoying the cool breeze. They wouldn’t stop talking no matter how much I complained.

Highlight of the day was going for a walk and laughing at the dogs.


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