Blogmas Day 18

I woke up after 9am and had to have a quick shower to leave home with my mother. We were going to say bye to my cousin as he was leaving today. We went to my aunts house first and stayed until he was leaving to head to the airport. We then went to my other aunt’s house to take her things to her and ended up staying a while. I even ran up the hill to visit my cousins so I wouldnt be bored. I spent like 20mins ,got a bag of dunks and ran back down the hill before the rain fell. When it stopped, we went to my Granny’s house and fed the animals before going back home.

We didn’t cook this day because we had leftover rice and freshly baked macaroni pie. We ate and I had a nap. First I fell asleep kneeling on the ground and my head on the chair but eventually moved to my bed. When I woke up I talked to frinds and even got invited out to an event that had already started but I mean come on. Yea you say you’ll pay but to shower and find and outfit and dress and wait for a bus on a Sunday is wayyyyy too much hassle.

Highlight of the day was visiting my family.


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