Blogmas Day 17

When I woke up it was like I wanted to clean but at the same time not so much. So I went ahead and dusted and rearranged my drawers. I had to face death by fleas when I went to hang out clothes. It was super annoying being bitten everytime I moved. With the second load of clothes, I turned them inside out and sat for a while. I braved it and survived as you can tell. I made pancakes and egg for breakfast and had a long sit down on the computer while I was home alone. When I was done, I pressed some more shirts and today’s outfit. 😒 My mother came back home and complained about the cucumber not being grated so I went and did that.

Getting ready, I actually did my makeup. Well as basic as I could get. Before I forget to mention it, we were having a lunch lime for my cousin before he left. My mother had done some cooking lastnight so she just finished up a few things, we got ready and left home. 

Could you believe when we got to the house my cousins weren’t there. We came to have lunch with you and you don’t show up. Well we ate and took my aunt with us to our Toastmastes Christmas Social. That started a but late. However it was fun. We sang songs, played a game and listened to music. One of the ladies brought a lot of food and surprised us because it’s not what was expected.

We eventually left and made a quick stop before going to my aunt’s house. Everyone was there. About 20 persons then the 4 of us. ‘Twas fun tho. We played taboo and pictionary. We tried watching the Redbull 3style DJ competition because our Bajan DJ made it to the finals. The stream kept freezing so that had to be ignored and I kept. Up to date with what was going on on twitter. Most of the family left like after 9pm and we didn’t leave til after 11 or so. However, while waiting to leave I found out Puffy won. Suck it Dave. 

When we got home, I went to bed and just chatted with my besties until I fell asleep. 

Highlight of the day was spending time with family.


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