Blogmas Day 16

For some stupid reason, on the first day of vcation, I was up around 5:30am. Just my luck. I stayed in bed on my phone and when it started to get brighter. I decided to start cleaning but quickly ended up just walking around putting mayo in my hair. I saw it as a hair treatment but with eggs and I don’t like using eggs in my hair. I prefer to eat them.

Post hair wash, I actually started cleaning out sections of my closet. Then when my mother left, I ate breakfast, tried to catch up on zoellas vlogmas and started twisting my hair because it started shrinking and getting hard. I attempted to start pressing my shirts before putting themes away but that didn’t last long. I ended up a watching random YouTube videos. Then I switched to netflix and ended up crying during a movie called A Royal Christmas I believe.

I had to make Mac and cheese with broccoli for lunch. I tried to do more of my hair and what not. Took me all night. I watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and loved it.Is it just me or when watchin that or ANTM you just get up and start strutting your stuff.

Highlight of the day is catching up some what with zoellas vlogmas and watching a Patricia Bright’s video. That just got me thinking. I think it’s called How To Slay Without A Bae.


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