Blogmas Day 15

The final day of Term 1. I’m so freaking glad.

Before leaving home, I clipped the ends of my braids so it would be easier to take out.

At school during assembly, I was fidgety and started undoing the ends of some braids. They sang all the Christmas songs in the Christmas song book and I learned we were actually going caroling this year. When assembly was over, the children went o the bathroom and then class. I had to help my mother’s class with their Christmas cards first and that took up alot of time. I did theirs similar to nursery’s cards. During breaktime I prepared for caroling.

Twas time. We gathered those who had signed permission slips and went on our way. We walked to a community close to the school and once it was sorted as to where to go, we went. We sang 12 songs for the little crowd. Not alot of people go there early. The staff had asked for money to donate to the school which was so nice. What was even better came after singing 2 songs outside. # guys treated us to icecream and lollies. I had a strawberry one. We walked back to the school and got back around 12:30pm. I ate lunch and tried to nap. That didnt happen.

After lunch, I finished my children’s Christmas cards and started sorting out the rest of their art work into their folders. Twas amazing. I know I wouldn’t see them until January 10th but i’ll miss them.

During the day I was undoing the ends of the braids I could reach. Once we left school, I actually started taking them out. We had to drop Nio to his house because his dad asked us to. Afterwards we went to my aunt’s house because they were getting ready to go out and they live close by. MY aunt had finished my highwaisted shorts with a jeans material I had at home. My uncle came by just as they were leaving. We were leaving too and ended up staying for maybe 20mins more. My cousin helped me take off the braids.

We went home, I finished eating leftover ramen from yesterday and watched a movie on netflix.

Highlight of the day is school ending. Vacation for 3 weeks is needed.




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