Blogmas Day 14

Today was the day for the school’s Christmas party. It was also the second last day of Term 1. I didn’t know what I was going to wear until 30mins before leaving home. We left home…late….somehow and went to school. Everyone was in party clothes except for Nio. We kinda forgot to give his father the message so i changed his shirt. I was back and forth between the kitchen and prayers. It seemed to go on for forever. When it was over we went to our classes and unfortunately nursery wasn’t open as yet so we crammed into another class. There were too many children yelling and talking really hard, I just couldn’t concentrate or deal with them.

I had to rearrange Christmas songs in a playlist before I got the speakers set up. The music started at breaktime. Next thing I knew I was being ordered to play music for musical chairs. They had me sitting for about an hour just doing that. Then I had some children from 2 classes around me. 1 playing with my shirt, 1 on my lap feeling sick ( she felt like she had a fever and was crying because of a headache) and another leaning on me with a sad look.

My family came by to check it out and then left to go into town. I had to stop the music at lunchtime. I made sure the children ate and then I went for my lunch. I started back the music but this time played the songs by adults and not children shows.After lunchtime, each class went to the kitchen to collect food and drink. Soon after they were running wild and the clown came. Seeing a he didnt make it to the mini fair, he came for the party. This is where problems started.

I was put incharge of calling otu the names of children who paid already. The others who didn’t , would step back to give space. After I called out the names of the infants, I gave up and handed the job over to another teacher. We had icecream as well and I had the sick child trailing me because her balloon had undone and eventually burst.It couldn’t be replaced unfortunately. School ended and when Nio  was picked up, he was shoeless. He would always take off his shoes for some reason. Once he was gone, we left and made a few stops. I got to see Cal. Haven’t seen him in a while.He got so big too.

When we made it home, I picked spinach and  just watched tv some what until Empire started. Yes I made ramen. A new show premiered and I loved it. Definitely gonna watch it next year.

I also watched DJ Puffy compete in a DJ competition in Chile. Swear you can’t take Caribbean people anywhere. 😭😂

Highlight of the day was the party. Watching some children play musical chairs was hilarious. I got food and a purple balloon bunny.



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