Blogmas Day 13

I was up until 1am or so. It didn’t feel like I slept much at at because I was woken up by my mother saying we’re leaving home at 7:30 to run errands. It was maybe 6am. We left home a bit after 7:30 and made our stops. By 8:45am ish we finally made it to my aunts house to pick up Nio and by 9am we were at school. It was at this moment, I was told I the teacher I help out was coming late.

During prayers, I went into the class and sat by myself figuring out what to do with the children and rearranging the room. When they came into the class, i sat them down in the 2 groups. 1 for colouring  drawings they missed and the next group for decorating the front of their Christmas cards. Four past students came and helped with the Christmas cards and then disappeared.I let the children finger paint to use up the  paint.

Break time came and I let them go outside for break while I had a snack and prepped for after break. The 4 that were colouring got to do their Christmas cards while the other 9 played with toys. I eventually turned on a Curious George movie while working with the other 4. Lunch time came and I took them for lunch and tidied up a bit while they ate. I finally ate and had some time for myself. Their teacher still wasn’t at school and it was just me and 13 of 14 3-4 yr olds.

After lunch, I took the girls to the bathroom and the boys went to their bathroom. I separated the children again. This time into 3 groups. There were children at a table to sleep, 4 children doing Christmas tree collages and 4 colouring. I had 1 of the girls help me with the folders.When children were doing their crafts, I went to the office to sign a paper and I was then told the teacher isn’t coming. .-. School was almost over so I had to stick through. When the children were finished with their crafts, i had them go over to the sleep table. Atleast 2 of them slept. Finally they were done and I played some music to keep myself sane. No teachers came in to take over that class.

Home time came, thank God. We took Nio with us because his dad couldn’t pick him up at school. We made a stop, took Nio to his dad, made another stop and then went home. A guy from the cable/phone company was supposed to come but he didnt show up.

I got ready and left home again with my mother. This time to go grocery shopping with my aunt. We stopped at the ATM and I wanted  to see if I was paid. 7 weeks later and still no money. We went to get my aunt from her friend’s house and there was a baby. As soon as I opened the door and he saw me he started smiling. We stayed for about 10mins and went to the supermarket.

I was hella tired.When we were walking in the big doors of the supermarket there was action going down in the parking lot. I was like 👀. My aunt made us go inside though. We spent for forever shopping. Like Bruh 😒. An hour just walking around looking for stuff. I was so happy to leave but then…….dun dun dun…… we were hustling to another supermarket.

We didnt even know what time the supermarket was closing but we went anyways. Made it with 10mins to spare but probably spent 30mins in there. I of course snuck a snack and drink into the trolley. Now for the fun time. We left and didn’t get past the carpet outside of the supermarket. It was crowded. Why? It was fricking pouringggggggg. Luckily my mother had her umbrella and went for the car and brought it around. We quickly threw the thing in the trunk and left. It was raining so hard you could barely see the road.

I fell asleep and woke up when my aunt got home. I actually managed to stay awake on the way home from there and as soon as we parked it started drizzling. Bruh. We hurriedly carried the groceries inside and I didnt last long after that. I showered, changed and fell asleep waiting on hot water to cool in my mug.

Highlight of the day was leaving school. A class of 14 children is too much to handle.


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