Blogmas Day 7

This is the day one of my aunts was returning to NYC. We left school early with Nio in tow, made 2 stops and would you believe on the way home to collect my aunt we ran into problems? 

The roads were getting paved at 2 different points even though they’d meet up eventually. We took another road to avoid one section being paved. We made it to the other section and lo and behold , another section was being paved. The road was rough when we left home after 8am , so coming home to find it being paved was a shocker. We were telling one of the guys that we need to get where we lived which was short there. The stubborn af man kept saying to turn around and go all the way around. Now doing that would not only waste gas but it would set us back by 10-15 mins. Thank God my mother remembered a rough road less than a min away to lead us back to the main road. The men are now scrambling to fix the roads for Christmas. We got home, changed, made sure everything was packed and headed out to the airport. We couldn’t even find a space to pull into close to the booths so we could take out the suitcases and then find somewhere to park. Eventually cars moved, suitcases were taken out and we got my aunt in the line quickly. 

In less than 5 mins an airline worker came to her and said to try going to the kiosk to check in. Thank god it worked. She checked in her luggage in a different line and then went to Chefette to buy Rotis. Her in-laws had come to the airport as well to wish her a safe flight. 

She went into the line. We hugged her goodbye and I got some mula. That, added to the change she left on the table for me, is going towards buying a dress and shoes for Christmas lunch. 

We went back to an airlines booth to say bye to a cousin and her daughter as well. When we got home, I had to catch up on empire. Midway doing that , the phone company guy showed up and my mother made me turn on the tv to make sure it was working again and it was. Woman interrupted Empire 😒. Nio was sleeping most the time, don’t think I forgot about him. He got picked up soon after that.

She went out studying and I stated home reading stories on quotev and listening to music. I made ramen as I do everytime I watch empire which showed that night.

Highlight of the day was leaving school early.


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