Blogmas Day 12

Halfway there!

Even though I knew I was leaving home late today, I was still up after 5am. Of course I went back to sleep. When I properly got up, I played with the cat(well one named Phil) took some pics for my crochet IG and did some washing before getting ready and leaving home.

When I was waiting on a minibus, I had a chat with a neighbour. 2 minibuses with drivers I don’t really like, came racing up the road. Well one was. The one I was waiting for came up around 10am.

In town, I handed over Christmas lights I had to give someone and met up with R. Bad influence she is 😂😂. I kid I kid. However we did go into a makeup store and I bought 2 lipsticks on sale. I got everything I wanted and only half the things my mother sent me for.

Unfortunately, I lost my mother’s money. After buying 1 thing she wanted, I put the money in my purse but it was too full and actually started unsticking. I haven’t the foggiest idea of what I did with the money and had to go get some from the ATM to replace it.

We split up around 2 pm so R could get the bus and I went for one last thing but didn’t find it. I then hustled to the Van Stand and waited for the minibus I usually take.

When I got home, I checked for the lost mula. Tis nowhere to be found. 😭 I ate dinner and just lazed around.

Highlight of the day was going shopping with my bestfriend.


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