Blogmas Day 11

Clean Everythinggggg…..

From the time I felt energetic in the morning, I started cleaning. I cleaned another 3 sections of the closet this day. My shoes,bed sheets and at the very top of the closet got dusted and rearranged.

After lunch, we left to go to feed chickens at my granny’s house and got a call from my aunt saying she didn’t get a bus. The chickens were fed, my aunt was collected and we went over to my uncle’s house’. We dropped her off at the house and my mother said we’ll come back soon. We drove to my other aunt’s house and basically stayed all night. We ate lunch part 2, chatted, took a walk to the cliff again ( this time with less people and my cousin’s friend was in awe)’and went over to a family friend’s home. By the time we got back to the house, my uncle brought my aunt to the house. ( The aunt we were to go back for) We stayed until after 9pm and finally went home. I wanted to do more cleaning but truly couldn’t because my sinuses had me frazzled. All i did was push things aside and went to sleep.

Highlight of the day was chatting with family and a new family friend.



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