Girl Online

Girl Online is definitely a favourite of mine seeing as I have read it 4 times last year.It was written by the lovely Zoe Sugg, who we know as Zoella on YouTube , and Girl Online is like a proper teen romance. This book would be great for flights or for around Christmas time. You would be so engulfed in the book that you wouldn’t even realize how much time has passed. I can just imagine being in fuzzy socks, comfy leggings and a sweater while reading Girl Online. However, that wouldn’t happen unless I go to New York seeing as I would die in Barbados’ heat if I wore that.

Anyways on with the story.

Penny is a blogger. She has her family and bestfriend by her side.

However, certain events occur, which leads to Penny travelling with her family to NYC. There she meets a really amazing guy who has a secret. Now, he doesn’t tell Penny any of this.’They have fun and like Penny, I fall in love with this guy.

Only when Penny returns home in England does she get a shock. One of her ‘friends’ basically betrayed her and everything spirals out of control for a short time.

Find out what happens by purchasing the book online or in a book store.

Girl Online is a great read for teens and young adults. To me, it’s a must read for the holidays.

I give it a 5/5 !


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