Blogmas Day 6

This was a day of back to reality for me. I go to the nursery to visit my babies but also to get a break from the 14 naughty 3-4yr olds at school. I’m just a parent volunteer. (I’ll write in that later.) I isually get to do an activity with them after break or before lunch time. The teacher did a new letter. Letter F. I drew a fish and she photocopied it. I usually just take home paper and draw it out for each of them. 

Later on after leaving school, we collected my aunt, did an errand and went home. We were having guests come over for a little get together before my aunt left. My mother and aunt made sweet potato pudding, boljol, steamed sweet potato and breadfruit. Once my aunt got home, guest started rolling in. I decorated the tree after washing it down with bleach and disinfectant mix.At some point there were 18 people including myself.

I got tired of so many people and I was very tired so I went into my room and went to sleep. 

Highlight of the day was setting up the Christmas tree and lights early. My aunt bought strobe lights so I had those going too.


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