Blogmas Day 5

I somehow managed to wake up at 5am to get ready. These 5am days means I’m going to the nursery I had my job attachment at. I went to the bus stop for my usual time. A minibus came. It looked strange, like it’s not the usual one . I was right. It was the usually driver just not the minibus. 

Anyways, at the nursery I was the first one downstairs with 2 babies. As I walked around, I realized that there were 2 names for babies I didn’t know. I barely missed a week and that happened. ‘Twas near 10:30am and I Messaged my cousin to see if she was still going to town. Her mother didn’t want to leave home and she was on her way home with a headache. Ok. My other aunt was on her way to town in a bus. I left the nursery and tried to look in the buses as I walked to the bus station.where I was walking, I could see into the van stand and decided to give up looking for my aunt seeing as she would’ve been going to the other terminal to go visit her in-laws. 

I saw the van I take and decided to go buy some hair accessories and a drink before I take a seat in the minibus.

I had a sore throat coming on and was feeling drained. I knew I was coming down with the virus that is going around.

When I got home, I heated up a can of chicken noodle soup and had a 4-5hr nap.

Highlight of the day was with or of the new babies. I left him sleeping and went back to check on him because he wasn’t sucking on the soother. I saw his eyes were open just the tiniest bit and moved where I webt. He squeezed them shut and then smiled. He already a trickster at 4 months.

 P.S I volunteer at the nursery so I can come and go when I’m ready. Usually once a week between 7:30 and 3:30.


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