Blogmas Day 4

Seeing as my cousin’s flights got messed up, he didn’t get to Barbados when he was supposed to. We wanted to have a birthday dinner/lime for him but that got changed to Sunday lunch/lime.


My mother and aunt basically made most….all of the food. There were rice and peas,macaroni pie, lamb stew, baked chicken, toss salad, potato salad, coleslaw,pone, spiked jello(for shots) and sorrel drink. I occasionally went in the kitchen to cut up and peel a few things.

Finally it was time to get ready and leave. We left an hr later than we wanted to because someone who was joining us for Sunday lunch, called at the last min to say they’re taking the bus and want to go to my aunts house with us. We packed up, my mother collected her and then we rolled out. My ‘father’ smashed part of the pone. 😑

We made it to my aunts house, set up and ate. Some time later, most of us went on a walk to the cliff, snapped pics and walked back. My cousin I grew up with,arrived when we came back.We tried the mannequin challenge and failed miserably. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Never again.

My cousin( the one I grew up with) and I went on a drive to where we used to live while waiting on our other cousin to get to us. The houses look terrible. The road that was once full of life is now hella scary and dead looking. Only 3 homes in that street have life, the other 3 look haunted. Well one of the houses are haunted for sure. πŸ˜–The grass is tall, plants over grown, boulders here and there and no light shining in or out of the houses. We went back to the top of the street, waited for my cousin and when he came, we went back to the house. Those idiots went pulling some stupid horror movie shit. Who wants to go in a haunted house.Luckily the doors were locked and they took me back to our aunts’ house. We packed up food and the car, yet I got stuck waiting in a car trunk trying to keep warm. Parents don’t know when to stop talking. When i got home, i had to soak my dress in oxy clean because i managed to spill red jello on the cream coloured dress.



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