Blogmas Day 3

My aunt wanted me to clean my room. It’s always in a state. It’s not dirty like having cups and plates and food but it’s just messy with clothes and books. My little cousin came talking to me and helped cleaned up a bit.

Her: Why in here dirty?

Me: I don’t like to put away my stuff.

Her: Why?

Me: Because it’s hardwork.

Her: When it’s hardwork I try and do it more

She’s 4. 😰. Anyways after 2am she finally went to sleep. I stayed up til 3am to wait for her parents to pick her up.

I was awaken by my aunt and mother who were searching for the little cousin. A mere 3 hrs sleep I got😒.

Later that evening I was ready for almost 2hrs. my cousin finally picked me up before 3pm. You would not believe that the same little one who had me up after 2am, wouldn’t talk to me 13 hrs later. We collected my aunt and went to a school fair. Thank god my cousin wias in the ticket chit line when we got there. We got our chits and all went out separate ways. I went for food and met up with my aunt. After eating, we walked around 59 see what was there. I found a book stall and R’s brother. I chatted with him for a bit, then went back to my family. About 20mins before the fair ended, there was an announcement saying that to fill a bag with books for $10. I flew like the wind and picked up 20books.

We finally left and went to an aunts house. We stayed til after 11pm( I was on the floor snoring at that point) and went home.

Highlight of the day was buying 20 books for $10.


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