Blogmas Day 2

Unforunately, this day was back to reality. It was back to school for public schools after we were given the day off. 

At about 3am or 4am my mother woke me up to say my aunt has arrived . 

I didn’t do much that day with Nursery class. I took down some of their art and sorted it out in their folders.

My mother and I left school and hopes to just pick up my aunt and stop a few places before going to a concert in town. Instead I waited at my aunt and ate food while she went to gt ready. The Christmas concert was starting at 5:30 mind you. My mother ran an errand, came back and my aunt still wasn’t ready. Finally she was, we made a stop at my aunt that came in a few days before and stayed for a while .😒. We collected my little cousin that my aunt was to babysit(her graddaughter) and then went home to collect my other aunt. She too wasn’t ready. We finally got to town around 7:15pm. Within 30mins the concert was over. bruh. I was mad.

We went to search for my cousin in St.Lawrence Gap and couldn’t find him. We weren’t even gone for 5 mins and the car wouldn’t start. It eventually did and we went to Oistins. It was more packed than usual. 😱 We couldn’t even pass certain areas because there was no space. Eventually we found a place that my aunts could ait. I got money from my mother that I can buy livers. I took my little cousin with me and we had to wait for a bit.

When we got back, every liver I took a bite from, someone took away. I had to get more money as get a second set if livers of which I only gave away 2 and fed my little cousin some of them.

We made it home before midnight.

Highlight of the day was eating fried livers from Grannys.


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