Blogmas Day 1

In true fashion I’ll start from midnight. I was at The Mega Concert with my friends and family. It was taking for forever. We had artistes from The Sandpebbles to Leadpipe and Saddis perform. Some acts took too long on stage. Unfortunately Rihanna didn’t perform but 3 other singers performed her songs. My family was leaving after that. Walking out the gates, I found $30….that made me rich af. My uncle was still home so we went into another section in the stands at Kensington Oval and continued partying it up and watching the spectacular firework display which ended at 3am.

When my uncle got there and we were leaving , we somehow lost my aunt and my mother had to go searching for her. We made it home after 4am and I had a 3hr nap and was up and packing R’s bag that she had left. It took almost 2 hrs for me to get a minibus because I was waiting for the bus I usually take but got another one instead. I got to R’s house just in time because the rain came down. I left about 10 mins later than I originally planned to because the rain wouldn’t hold up. I got to town too late ba use as soon as there’s a drizzle, traffics appears out of nowhere.😒

I got home and had some Bajan food
Highlight of the day : Fireworks and having fun with friends


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