Cropover 2016

Unlike last year, I didn’t get to go to many events. No Soca Royale or Foreday Morning this time around sadly. I had to stay locked on to the radio to listen to Soca Royale. Yes I was being tortured because this one seemed to be better than last year and I my mother couldn’t afford it.

However, I did get to jump for Grand Kadooment. My ‘first’ time. Well the legal first ime. The first time I was 14.

Anyways, this time I was recommended by a cousin to be a banner girl for the band thy were dancing for. I waited anxiously for the message back to say that the band leader was in but it didn’t come. When I messaged the person back and  they replied, I had to rush and get ready to leave home. I met my sister in town and we went to the bandhouse around 7pm.

I met with the bandleader and was nervous I’d be turned down. I was thinking maybe they need someone bigger than I am. She was very nice and told me what costume I would be wearing and what is need to do.

Finally a week later I got to pick up the costume. I had to wait on the back of the skirt to be finished,the neck piece to get velcro and for the headpiece to get holes and string.

Kadooment day came. I woke up after 6, had tea and an egg,showered and got ready. My sister did my make up and our cousin was waiting on us to take us down the road. We got to the national stadium after 8am, however the person with the huge pieces didn’t arrive until after 10am. So there we were hungry and starting to feel dehydrated. We didn’t get to go in until after 12. As soon as we were off the track, the drinking and partying stated. I stayed close to the dancers because it’s who I know. At one point a reveller wanted to start a fight with a dancer. A bunch of is had to keep watch and basically protected the dancer. It’s all because the dancer wanted the girl to back up and stop stepping on her shoe making it come off. Some people just want to offset everyone’s day.

By the time we got to Bank Hall I had to chip and go down the road because 1 ankle was truly hurting. We found my mother and cousin, took pictures and moved off again. When they started playing the good songs the driver went along so fast, there was a huge gap between the truck and revellers. It was finally over at 6pm. I got to see my bestfriend and a couple others. My sister and I had walked ahead of the truck trying to find someone and the food. We walked all the way to the end of spring garden and had to walk back halfway. We found the girl we were looking for, but not the truck with some of our stuff. We walked and ate and had to take the bus home. I felt so out of place.

Hopefully more exciting things happen in 2017.





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