Boston Haul

My mother travelled to Boston to complete a part of her course. Of course she went shopping because we don’t get to travel to America like we used to.

I’ll try my best to explain what she brought back for me.

  1.  Mood Cup – it’s a pink cup from The Boston Children’s Museum. When any cold liquid is in it, it turns purple but the colder it is it will turn blue.
  2. American Eagle Midi Shorts 
  3. Atmosphere Blue Lace Slip On Shoes
  4. Long Denim button Up Shirt With Lace Up Dides
  5. Green Lace Shorts
  6. Aztec Print Slippers
  7. Brown Watch (With an Elephant design on the watch face)
  8. Size 0 Old Navy Regular Jeans
  9. Dark Blue PJ Shirts
  10. Light Blue Shorts
  11. Black Shorts
  12. Brown and black Printed leggings
  13. Black Tote Umbrella
  14. 2 Seamless underwear 
  15. A 4 pack of basic coloured boy shorts
  16. Blue and White bra

Sorry I couldn’t add pics to it.


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