Transportation || Barbados

There are many ways to get around in Barbados.
There are two bus terminals and Van Stands in Bridgetown .  There is the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal and the Princess Alice Bus Terminal.
  1.  Transport Board buses.  These are the big blue buses  which run certain times during the day.  This is usually on the hour, on the half hour or a quarter to an hour. These bus rides are usually one hour to one and a half hours. You have to pay as  you get in the bus so it is better to have the exact amount of money. 212
  2. Mini buses. These are a smaller version to the Transport Board buses but they are yellow and some of them play music.  Tourists called them they reggae buses. These buses can run at any time of the day because they don’t have a schedule to follow. SONY DSC
  3.  ZR vans. These are small white vans  which has a shorter route  compared to the other two modes of transportation.           2743363032_d33faf86d4_z

The conductor of the minibus or ZR will collect your bus fare during your trip.
Bus fare is $2 per person for these three modes of transportation listed above. Children in school uniform pay $1.50.

One can also get around via taxi. Taxi fares differ depending on the distance.



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