Gem of The Caribbean Sea || Barbados

Barbados, Gem of the Caribbean Sea.
 Barbados is a small island located in the east of the Caribbean. We are actually the most easterly island.
It is 166 squared miles and home to almost 300,000 people. On the east of the island is the rough Atlantic Ocean and on the west is the calm Caribbean Sea.
Barbados is also known as the land of flying fish.  Barbados sports white beaches and sparkling blue waters.
There are many places to visit and many things to do on the island.
 The flag of Barbados  has three bands  in the colours ultramarine and gold with a black broken trident symbolizing  breaking away from England. We celebrate independence on November 30th.
We have celebrities such as Rihanna, Shontelle, Livvi Franc and Jaicko.
 The West Coast more so  Northwest is known as the Platinum coast.
Along this Platinum coast you will find the luxurious hotels and a shopping center called LimeGrove.
In LimeGrove there are stores for Armani Exchange, Louis Vuitton  Michael Kors and much, much more.
Indulge in our delicacies such as our national dish of flying fish and coucou,  macaroni pie, roast breadfruit and more.
The people of Barbados are very friendly and will help you in any way that they can.
If you are interested in going to a club you should be 18 and older. Clubs are located in St. Lawrence Gap  and are usually opened Thursday to Sunday.
I know this is a very small  introduction to the island and I hope you come visit sometime and enjoy yourself.

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