Week 12 || Days 72-78

Day 76 – A Long Walk

This day, I don’t know what possessed me, I walked to the Garrison Savannah after my class was over. It took about 30mins and doesn’t help that outside was hot and I had a heavy back pack. I also walk very fast so you can imagine.

Day 77 – Run , Dip and New Addition

I went on another run. 😔 I mean obviously it takes me a while to run anywhere. I took a quick dip. By dip I mean I waded through the water. By the time we returned to the university I got the news that my cousin had given birth to a healthy baby boy. Our family is big in my opinion and it will just keep getting bigger.

Day 78 – Babysitting

I had to babysit my wubba wubba and nio. I usually just let the roam the house while I clean my room. However, no electronics for them.

This was my week. How was yours?


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