Week 11 || Days 65 – 71

 Day 66 – Errands
I had gone to the doctor and I was diagnosed with depression. It is a sad thing really and I was put on Zoloft.  Seeing as I had missed one of the buses, I went to a bus stop that two buses passes.  While waiting, an old family friend passed by and saw me so he offered me a lift. He dropped me off at the community college because I needed to pick up my associate degree. After that I walk to my class which was a 45-minute walk to town.  I got my English 101 work and it was 70%. All that matters is that I passed.
Day 70 – Painful Run
 I met with my best friend at the University and after he finished some work he had to do,  a friend of ours took us to the beach to do a run and his girlfriend came along. She waited with or by while we run to the end of the beach and to come back up to meet her. Silly me wait on this run knowing Aunt Flow had started. They say exercise helps with the cramps, but i was not cramping until i sat own after running. I was in so much pain trying to walk to the end of the beach, that I had to take breaks and lay down on the sand.  I even made my best friend give me a piggy back ride but that did not help. Every step he made I felt like puking. I had to lay down under a tree well he went to his girlfriend and called my mother. When they came back, I felt a little bit better but we had to still walk to the University. My mother couldn’t pick me up just yet so I had to stay and just chill at the University for a couple hours.
Day 71 – Model Search
 My sister went to a school’s model search. It was very entertaining. Some of the clothes that were worn  but the models were amazing others failed. I think the guy that one was about 15 or 16 years old and his clothes were the best. They have to prepare their clothes and everything by themselves or with the help of somebody. We left before they call out the winner because it was getting late and we needed to get the bus. On the bus there was a kitten in a box and it was so cute. Every once in awhile you will hear it meowing and it actually escaped the box. The guy who brought it on the bus had to quickly grab it and put it right back in.
This week I got:
  • 2 packs of Wafers
  • Ramen
  • Popcorn

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