Week 10 || Days 58 – 64

Day 59 – Late Night Cleaning

It was about 11 o’clock at night when I was already asleep and next minute I woke up because my light was turned on. So I was asking why is my light on. It turns out the pipe that goes from the ground to the toilet had burst and was flooding the corridor. So we had to use old towels and the mop to soak up the water. We spent about 40 minutes cleaning up all the water and I could not get back to sleep after that for maybe an hour.

Day 60 – Nope

So in the morning we have no water because otherwise the house would be flooded again. Both my parents stay at home and I actually wanted to go to class. It’s really sad that I wanted to go to class because they’re both at home and I know how annoying parents can be most of the time.

Day 61 – Quick Walk

My mother and I went on an afternoon walk because she wanted to. After the little girl that she tutors two days a week went home, we went on a walk for maybe 30 minutes. Outside got dark quickly. I dont like exercise honestly.

Day 62 – I Can’t do Public Transport

So this day was another van story, so let’s get right into it. I was standing at the back of bus on my way home from school and the task force stopped the van. The task force is like the SWAT team. Anyways, they stopped the van and made people get out but only after the conductor counted us who were standing. This lady that was sitting where I was standing , it sounds confusing but she was in her seat and I was standing holding on to the rail above my head. The young conductor, very young and very stupid, said to the people who got off of the bus to walk a little further down the road and we will pick you up. He said that right in front of the police, awesome. So when I got out of the bus, I told him that I need my money back so that I can get another bus and get home because no way in hell was I walking down the lonely road in between canes. He told me, that he doesn’t need to give me my money. Others who had gotten off before me started bombarding him asking back for their money too.The police officer called him and said,’ you need to give these people back their money because it is a law that if they do not reach their destination they have to get back their money’. If this was the Transport Board bus that has broken down I would have to wait until another bus come to show the ticket and get on the bus without paying again. However, this was not the case. The very young very stupid conductor said that he has to wait until the other officer is done with the driver and also that he has the money which was a lie. The money was in the conductor’s pocket. All he needed to do was to reach into his pocket and take out $2 per person and give them back the money. He wanted to be stubborn and refused to do it, so the officer said if he wants to waste time or something he will deal with him at the station and not standing in the sun. He eventually gave us back the money along with a death glare. The police were also trying to stop a man from attacking the driver because some people cant keep their mouths shut.

Day 63 – No Internet, Movie Day It Is

I wanted to do yoga but the internet wasn’t working.  I remembered that my uncle had hacked some Wi-Fi’s around my area and my laptop connected to the neighbor’s Wi-Fi but YouTube would not work. I called our service and they couldn’t find anything wrong so I gave up. I ended up spending the day just to watching movies and crocheting. It does suck not having any internet but movies are there for me to enjoy the day.

Day 64 – Babysitting…then Gold Cup

It was Gold Cup Day, however I had to babysit the boys first.  I guess they were not bad but they always have to cry or scream. Anyways, after babysitting, my mother and I got ready and we drove to the Garrison Savannah. My sister was performing ,so we went to find her before the performances started. It was a lot of people honestly there were soldiers who played the music dancers, Shetland ponies, gymnasts  and stiltwalkers.  They kept getting delayed because of what was happening on the track so my mother and I went across the street to stand by the track and watch a race or two.  I saw my teacher and doctor so that was cool. Finally, they started going across to the track so we quickly under the  bars and  made it to see the performances. Those went by very quickly and we had to unfortunately move from that section to go to the very inside of the truck so we won’t get hurt by any of the horses coming around. That took a while because the police were saying the same things and we were confused as to where to go. While everything got under control, we went into the center and saw my cousin and her children and boyfriend. I quickly went and got a hotdog and tamarind balls and made it back just before the final race. I always thought Gold Cup was a bunch of  races going one after the other without interruption. I was wrong. Yes there were other races earlier in the day but Gold Cup race was the huge finale. I didn’t get to see it because people ran back to some bars were removed from in the first place so they were just like blocking everyone. While there were talking to the winner, we went to find my sister and left. We got special parking because where we were initially going to park was packed and my mother knew someone who gave us a really good parking spot. Oh my gosh when we were  going to the car, an old man was leaving as well but he drove out and hit a  truck and then hit the horse carrier and these British guys were coming to help him. He didn’t listen to the instructions they were given to him only just kept hitting everything.  The British guy said I give up and something about Barbadians can’t drive. I mean we all had a really good laugh it was hilarious honestly.  After we left we were stuck in traffic  before getting to the mall  so my sister could have some food and walk around before going home.

This week I got:

  • Wafers
  • HotDog
  • Ramen
  • IPhone Charger

How was your week?




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