Week 9 || Days 52-57

Day 56 – Barbadian Awareness Day and Movie Night
I went to my primary school because they were celebrating Barbadian Awareness Day. I sat with the little babies (3-4) during the morning session when a lady came to talk to the children and question then on things about the country. One of the little girls in nursery is so cute but has a wicked look. She’s now my favorite. I sat with them during lunch and wen they practiced their poem for the afternoon session I melted. So darn cute. During the afternoon session, they were honoring Red Plastic Bag who is one of our calypso artistes. He came to the school and was seated in the front row. He laughed at some of the performances because they were making jokes. Every single child between the ages of 3 and 11 performed that evening. RPB told us how he got his name and then performed Spontaneous.

I went to a movie night by R’s home and we ate Pizza, Pringles, Popcorn and Cheetos. We watched 3 movies which were The Forest (?),Home Invasion and Ride Along 2. I slept through the last 2 movies. Oops!

Bear got so big.



This week I bought:

  1. Wafers
  2. Pear Busta

How was your week?




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