Week 8 || Days 45-51

Day 46 – The Optician

There’s nothing worse than having to go for check ups for an abnormality that is normal for you. I got my eyes dilated before they were checked and it burned. When I got this done before within a few mins everything was blurry. This time around I managed to nap while waiting to see him. After he was finished with checking my eyes with this bright yellow light, all light looked purple for a few seconds. There’s nothing better than walking around half blind for a couple hours.

Day 47 – Doctors visit

So concerning these 3 posts :

Who I am Right Now

Being Antisocial

I called my doctor and went in. She did tell me to come as soon as I can and I did. She asked questions and said if I have 4+ of 11 signs then I am depressed. Turns out that I am and she put me on antidepressants called Zoloft. I was scared to take them.

Day 48 – Caught Me On A Bad Day

I was tired as frickle frackle and on the way home. The minibus kept over heating and had to stop 3 times to cool off. When they couldn’t move I asked back for my money because it was a 10-15min walk back home. This girl that I don’t know, told the conductor I just live around the corner. I unleashed the fury. I know it’s not ladylike to swear but that was the last straw. Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean anything. Then te conductor said something about dishonesty so he got it too. My mother picked me up and saved me 5mins of walking. I’m surprised she didn’t bat an eye when I said I cursed them out.

Day 49 – Just Why?!

Another minibus incident with the police stopping us when we barely got out of town. I would think we were being stopped because of the amount of people standing but the stopped us because there was no fire extinguisher on board. How would they have known that before stopping us?

Day 51 – Volleyball Match

I left home to watch a match my sister had to play. Poor things were beaten. Apparently the other team had some national players sooo… It was also 24C (75F). That’s cold here.

What I bought this week :

  1. 3 packs of Bridge Strawberry Flavoured Wafers

I have a slight obsession with them and the reason I had 3 packs is because I had to be at school earlier than usual on 2 days and my usual once a week buy.

How was your week?

Mine was crazy. I also didn’t workout at all because of internet issues ( for the yoga video) and I rather do morning work outs.



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