Week 7 || Days 38-44

I can’t believe it’s already week 7. Damn!

Day 39 – Wushu Gym

I haven’t been back to that place since maybe 2012/2013. As per usual I end up on the floor after trying to tackle a trainer (personal trainer, he doesn’t teach wushu). I honestly don’t miss wushu because it’s something I was forced to do. I did get kicked out. I’ll tell the story later. Anyways I saw a friend I haven’t seen in a while and it was a good 20mins being at the gym.

Day 40 – Stealing Wifi and Making Lentil Cakes

Ain’t nothing better than the internet going off and having to steal it from a neighbour. Thank you uncle for hacking their wifi password and thank you neighbor for keeping the password. I was about to find a recipe for lentil cakes so thank god it worked out. I was stuck in the kitchen all morning to use the wifi. The lentil cakes were good alone but even better with tamarind chutney.

Day 43 – Running

I went for a run with my bestfriend and another guy we went to school with. I’m proud to say I made it 2/3 of the way from hotpot to the end of Brandon’s beach. When I couldn’t go anymore, they sprinted and left me to walk and catch up. After washing off the sand from our feet, eating lentil cakes and tamarind chutney,he got his aunts vehicle ( I met their dog) and picked up a few people then dropped me off to get a van and go home. Right on time.

Day 44 – Fish and Dragon Festival

After having a bad evening, I forced myself to go and enjoy something. I watched the green monkeys mess around with the children then some performances. My sister performed with a wushu group we were in. I watched the dragons perform. When she that group was finished we walked around and looked at the food. We got popcorn, wontons and a spring roll. Yummy!

Because I couldn’t go out with my bestfriend and his squad, I was sad. Because I was also beginning to get a bit sick, I was emotional. That honestly prompted a breakdown. I hate being stuck in the house and need to be out around people. I only have like 1 friend at school. I dont speak to anyone else because they are not people I wish to be around.

Then I wrote these 3 posts :

  1. Who I am Right Now
  2. Being Antisocial
  3. Losing Interest, ‘Laziness’ and Support

What I bought:

  1. Strawberry Flavoured Wafers

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