#3 Losing Interest, ‘Laziness’ and Support

Ive slowly but surely lost interest in a bunch of hobbies.

I hate re-reading books I have but I’m too broke to buy new ones. ( My list has about 25-30 books I’d like to buy)

I dont make friendship bracelets anymore…or wear them much.

I rarely watch Youtubers vlogs. I used to watch them daily after classes.

I’m trying to stick to crocheting tops but no one has ordered a top as yet.

My room has gotten messier.

Im behind on handwashing clothes I dont want accidentally dyed.

I’m behind on pressing and putting away tops.

I just feel drained.

At home there’s no support for anything I wish to do or try.

My mother calls me lazy when it comes to getting things done and she always catches me at a moment when I’m down. Then when I get mad, she says I’m rude.

My sister, believed I have ADD. I probably do but my mother refuses to get me tested.

I want to do gymnasts but it costs money so no.

I want to ride my bicycle but 6 years later it still hasn’t been fixed so no.

I want to go out with my friends and spend time away from home as much as possible to change up my routine….but that costs money so no.

I have to depend on my mother so I cant do any of those things.

I also cant tell her how I feel because she’s the kind of person that will tell me oh that’s nothing, get over it. You’re not the only person going through a rough time.




5 thoughts on “#3 Losing Interest, ‘Laziness’ and Support

  1. Omg.. That’s exactly the same way I’m feeling. And it’s just too much to handle. My mom calls me moody, rude and lazy. And k just feel that one day, she’ll see me with my slashed wrist.


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