Crochet Braids

Crochet braids has been a craze and I wanted in when I saw it on Pinterest many months ago. My sister agreed to try it’d or the first time.

The Start

I bought 5 packs of Bijoux Soft Junbo Hair. 4 packs were #2 and then I bought a red and black mixed pack. She did my hair on Christmas Eve and it took 5 hours. We used 3 and a half packs of hair.

She followed a braiding pattern that was in a video. There was leave out all around with a side parting and the rest of my hair went around in a circle. She put the mixed red in the back and worked towards the top with the #2.

Do Not Brush as you go. My sister did that and a lot of hair kept coming out. We kept my hair poofy because we had cleaning to do and Midnight Mass that night. To be honest I felt like Mamé from ANTM.

I spent Christmas with my hair in a thick braid. A few days later she put a bit of moisturizer in and blow dried it then put it all in a braid.


So I don’t think there was much that I could do with this hair. There definitely wasn’t enough leave out. I also cant really style hair.

  • Don’t blow dry it if you want it to look natural with your hair
  • One day I braided one side of hair back and ended it with a fish tail braid. The rest of the hair was left loose.
  • A simple braid in the back or to the side
  • Pulling 2 sections of hair from the sides and putting it in a rubber band to the back of your head
  • Braid sections of the hair and dip it in hot water for atleast 1-2mins and let it dry, then undo the braids and the hair will be curly.


  • Definitely try to leave out atleast an inch of your hair to hide the knots.
  • Do not brush as you go. Only brush the hair when all of it has been knotted onto your cornrows

This was my first experience with crochet braids, I hope to do this maybe 2 more times this year. Maybe do a short style sometime.



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