Week 6 || Days 31 – 37

Nothing much really happened this week.

Days 33-34 – Totally Worth It

So I had this online friend, who was a friend of an online friend. Definitely ended up being the best of friends but he kinda disappeared for almost 2 YEARS. One night I was bored and wanted someone to talk to, so I went back to the website I met the friend on and there was a message in my inbox. I thought to myself what does this random person want now. When I read the messages and saw the nicknames that friend of a friend gave to me I started bawling. I put down my notes I was studying from and messaged back. Then I kept refreshing the page and checking the time difference. I was going to give up but then he messaged back. We talked until 2:30am my time and caught up. I was an emotional wreck. It was totally worth losing out on sleep because I missed the friend of a friend so much. I got less than 3 hrs sleep that morning.

Day 36 – Primary School Sports

I try my best to never miss a sports day. It was all gloomy and occassonally drizzling, as it does every year. The P.E teacher had me and 3 others grab the 1st-4th positons. The hottest races were of course the relays at the end of the day. Red house came 1st with 283 points, Green house in 2nd with 259 points and Blue house in 3rd with a mere 150 points.

Just A Thought

I feel bad for children now a days who just stay inside and eat all the food. The ones who are obese and lazy at such a young age. They need to get out and run around, play cricket and foot ball, ride a bicycle, do something. When I got home from school I used to do my homework nd then go outside and play or watch tv, when I moved houses at 8 years old, my neighbours and I were outside everyday, especially during the summer. I also did Wushu and danced. Get your children into programs to keep them occupied, fit and healthy. If you can’t afford a program just make them go outside and run around.

What I bought/ got:

  1. Bridge Strawberry Flavoured Wafers
  2. 2 Fishcakes
  3. Chips and a wing
  4. A donut
  5. Popcorn

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