Chickpea Cakes

When scrolling through Pinterest for a lentil cake recipe, I found this one on chickpeas and we did have most of the ingredients so I tried it.

I found the recipe on this website and attempted it.

It’s fairly simple to follow and the cakes are easy to make.

It was a success.

When I made these chickpea cakes I was in love. I was making them for myself and myself alone but ended up having to share them with my mother and sister after letting them taste it.

I only used half of the chickpeas but full portions of everything else by mistake. Oops.

We didn’t have any celery so that was skipped.

I also forgot to add the salt into the mixture.

I got about 10 chickpea cakes from the recipe.

If you try this recipe and you like it, please leave a comment down below telling me how it was. 🙂




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