Week 4 || Days 17 – 23

Day 17 – Lesson Learned!

I went to the beach on a rather rainy day with a bestie and his ‘squad’. We did drink a little. I wanted to keep my body warm when I went in the vol water.you see, early that morning when I was talking to Dimples, my tummy kept making noises and I was feeling sick. I had breakfast but barely touched my lunch. Drinking was a bad decision but a warm body in cold water was what I was going with.My floaty kept going around to other so I ended up getting on my besties back and on his friends. After this it’s all a blur. I remember sitting next to my friend and sleeping on him. I remember whining, throwing up, crying, my friend calling a few people to get me and sleeping. I refused to walk or open my eyes. R and her brother came for me but then my sister had went against my wishes and called my mother. She got me from a mall and then we went home. I don’t know why but I wanted to be on the cold ground in the bathroom. I was forced to shower and drink tea before I fell asleep.

Day 21 – Family Day

I love planned family days. We went by my cousins house again like we did for Christmas. We sat and ate lunch and then got ready to go on a hike. I got changed because I refused to mess up my good clothes. We went along the coast where the old train line ran. We even found a swing a little off route. When we made it to Martin’s Bay everyone was staring at us because we walked in a group of about 15 people in the middle of the road.

The only thing that spoiled the hike for me was a little cousin coming with us. He’s autistic but you would think someone would keep an eye on him at all times. For some reason he punched my cousin’s boyfriend’s son in his stomach so I grabbed his fist and told him to wait on his aunt. He kept pulling and pulling and the bit me. To be honest I was gonna slap him but decided not to because I would’ve definitely left my hand print. He needs one of those backpacks with a leash.

Anyways continuing on, we took a break at Martins Bay, took a group photo and then walked back. I bolted ahead with my cousin and my cousin’s boyfriend’s son. My uncle and his girlfriend came while we were out. We didn’t leave until 8pm ish after roasting breadfruit and playing games.

*Good luck to anyone who made it through the shit ton of snaps I made *

Day 23 – Impromptu Speech

I go to toastmasters an I’ve been holding back from speaking for nearly a year. They did a ‘fun’ evening by making people choose a role from a box.I was chosen to speak and surprisingly met some requirements and moved on. When toastmasters was over, my mother, sister, aunt and I went to the mall and I was still feeling ill.

What I got this week :

  1. Strawberry flavoured wafers
  2. Dr.Miracles Daily Moisturizing Lotion

From now on I go to the beach with that group of fun people, I’ll be the momma bear and watch them drink and make sure everything is good.

It was my acid reflux acting up. I was feeling sick at 3am but felt better when I woke up. I need to learn to control my acid reflux.

How was your week?

Anyone who has acid reflux problems and know how to control theirs, please leave a comment below with some tips.



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