Crochet Tops

As I have mentioned in 2 previous posts about wanting to sell crochet items, I’ve started pulling some things together. Crochet Summer Collection 2016 / Ran Into Problems


Last year ive decided on styles to make and I wanted to do bralettes but I still somehow mess up the triangles so I’ve decided on halter tops for now but still with the same styles.

I have been having problems with the spacing. I really didn’t want the tops to be see through or to see the colour of the padding. I did change the hook sizes from a 5mm to a 4mm but spacing is still there and I doubt I can escape that.

I cant decide if to buy cotton or a stretchy material to cover 1 side of the padding to match the colour of the top.


I’ve made an Instagram page. I do use hashtags so that Barbadians can see them. I just need people I know to share it more. I have a handful of friends if even so much.


So far I’ve done a plain halter top.



I’ve got to get another style up soon and I’m currently working on a bandeau.

Enter a caption




That is all for now.


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