Week 3 || Days 10 – 16

Barely anything interesting here.

Day 10- Family Dinner

Sunset colours in the east from Naniki Restaurant.


We went to a restaurant to have supper for my aunts birthday. It isn’t until Tuesday but no one would’ve been able to go then. I sat with the 2 cousin I grew up with because whoever else was born in 1995 in the family,I don’t know and they live in America. Anyways, I had pumpkin soup, bread and butter, rice and peas, chicken, coconut cakes, fish cakes, macaroni pie, lentils, toss salad and cole slaw. There was about 25 of is there to eat and then we took pictures an went home. My Woozer was there too 😊

Day 12- Books and Lunch

I had a doctors appointment and my aunt gladly went with me. We were to have breakfast but didn’t work out so we ended up having lunch. I found Girl Online On Tour but it’s $40! I did buy a book though!

Day 15- Fighting The Allergy

I cooked. It wasn’t that amazing but I just will share what I did so look forward to that. I also cleaned because I was bored and avoiding writing up my journal. I’m allergic to any house work but I did it while listening to Purpose.

Day 16- Games Evening

I left home with my sister to go to a games evening at the organization she works with. We did get there a bit late still though. There were 5 others there. We played dominoes for quite a while, ate some snacks and then had some KFC. We even tried playing UNO and then Cheat.

Unfortunately in the wee hours of the morning Cappucino died. 😔 May his tiny dog soul R.I.P .

What I bought:

  1. The Longest Ride – Nicholas Sparks
  2. Strawberry Wafers
  3. Large Fries from Burger King

There was some fun and some lowlights.

How did your week go?


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