Hair Transitioning…Again

I vowed I would never return natural. It seems like I have to. My hair was to get relaxed again before Christmas but my scalp was really sore.

When I was younger I’d always cry about my scalp hurting especially when my hair got braided weekly for school.

I have to return natural because I don’t wNt to risk anything by relaxing my hair again.

I will not do a bit chop like I did back in August 2012. I nearly cried. My hair was so damaged but then my hairdresser texturised it again and my hair actually went curly instead of it going straight. It took 9 months with texturised to return to my usually length.

Not doing a big chop means finding ways to style my hair and trut me I’m no good at that.

I’m going to try different products and protective styling this year . Maybe I will do some oil treatments and protein treatments as well. I really need a hair routine.

If you have any tips on what to do please leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Hair Transitioning…Again

  1. I transitioned. I ate healthy and washed /conditioned with good products and I am so happy. I only cut 5 inches off of it but that was by choice.


    1. I eat healthy. I’m just extremely picky when it comes to meat and fish. I know it’ll help but I just can’t do it. My cousin usually says my hair is like Brillo pad. It’s that hard and knotty.


      1. I don’t think meat /fish equates to healthy. You can be on a meatless diet and still have healthy hair. It’s about finding what works for you. Eating organic. Eating plenary of vegetables and healthy fats. You can get protein from lots of things, you do not need meat


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