Week 2 || Days 03-08

Continuing with weekly highlights.

Day 03 – Yazz The Greatest

I was right up front when Yazz performed. I had the opportunity to reach out and touch him or even get on stage when he was singing and asked for someone to join him. Oops? šŸ˜¬You can read the entire story here.

Day 06 – Fireworks

BarbadosĀ started the celebration of our 50th Anniversary of Independence. To be honest I was in town since 0820 and had to wait around until 1730 for everything to start. I was with my mother, auntie, a past teacher and past lunch lady ( who generously bought us all ice-cream). I mainly went for the fireworks but the whole show was great. The 5 mins of fireworks was spectacular.

Day 08 – The Beach & Meeting Youtubers

I went to the beach as a 5th wheel with my friend and his gf…and his gf’s friend and her bf. I waited 2 hours on them because my friend’s brother cracked his phone screen and he had to do extra running around to get it fixed. I did lay in the sun and got a bit of a tan…or got darker.I had a problem and my friend and I walked most of the beach and back down to the others and then went for a jog.

That night I went to Oistins with my mother and Auntie. We walked around and then went to our usual spot for food and I saw Mike. To be honest I was looking at him and another guy sitting close trying to decide which one was Mike but the camera gave him away. I was scared but went up to him anyways and talked. He did most of the talking and remembered my name when Patricia had come back from checking on their food orders.Ā  We talked about how they were liking the island, school, travel and how friendly Bajans are.I also told them bye when I saw them leaving.

The fangirl in me probably fainted.

This week I bought:

  1. Strawberry Wafers
  2. 3.5mm Crochet Hook
  3. 4.0mm Crochet Hook
  4. Earbuds
  5. Beach Ring Thingy
  6. Medium Sized Skein of Black Yarn
  7. A Notebook
  8. Sunglasses

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