Masked : The Masquerade Party

Thank you R for getting this picture.

It all started early December when I saw a poster on facebook and I saw Hakeem Lyon. Performing in Barbados? Uhm Yes please. I told R and she told her friends and we all made plans. I started watching Empire from season 2 so I was pretty lost with everything until I watched season 1. It then became clear.


At first I was pretty down. I don’t know how i’d pay for my ticket. I really want to have fun. R helped me out. She paid for my ticket.

We went mad with the outfit planning. What dress? What shoes? What hairstyle? What mask? What make up?

January 2nd is when it all went down. I met up with the other girls in town while they were doing some last minute shopping and we headed over to R’s house. We did get a bit lost at 1 point in time. Oops?! Anyways when we made I to R’s house we put everything out on the beds to get ready but I made a quick snack before getting ready. We showered and got ready. When you got 4 people getting ready at the same time you’d never leave on tume. Our time to leave kept getting pushed back. We eventually left after 9 and R’s bro drove us to the venue. We got our tickets scanned and went inside just looking at people for a bit. DJ Puffy was on stage and there weren’t that many people so we headed to the bathroom and made sure everything was good. Took some selfies and  then went back downstairs to the bar and got a drink.

IMG_3440Around 11 or so, Puffy was like,” Yazz it on his way, come closer to the front.” We all moved up to the front of the stage and all that happened was that Puffy went off stage and DJ JusJay came on. We stayed up front, I had a drink and danced and danced. I got a big sparkler which didn’t last too long unfortunately. After that there were 2 special performances. One by Porgie and one by Nikita. DJ BlaqRose came on. I took my heels off because it was killing me after a couple hours. Finally Yazz came on around 1 am. I was right up front with my knee hitting the stage. Im surprised I didn’t lose my voice with my screams….well screeches because mine was distinctive. I can’t go “WOOOOOOOO”. He started with Drip Drop. He sang some more songs and ended with You’re So Beautiful. I was rapping along to his verse and he sang to the birthday girl. Apparently while he was on stage he was asking for a lady to join him. I mean I could’ve but I didn’t hear him asking and I wouldn’t want to be the center of attention. After his short performance, the DJ’s started back up and so did the dancing.

I was close enough to capture this on snapchat

We got our pictures taken before heading to an outside bar. I did stop to talk to someone who I didn’t see in a while. When I joined the others at the bar, Yazz was leaving with his body guards and I yelled out,” YAZZZ.” He looked the wrong direction but I wasn’t gonna yell again.

All in all it was enjoyable. I really wanted a picture with him but the V.I.P guests got that privilege.

Maybe there will be a next time. I hope there will be a next time.




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